November 2020

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More than HPC: LRZ Solutions for Science

The Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) proudly stands at the forefront of its field as a world-class IT service and computing user facility serving Munich’s top universities as well as research institutions in Bavaria, Germany and Europe. Home to SuperMUC-NG, LRZ is part of Germany’s Gauss Centre for Supercomputing (GCS) and serves as part of the nation’s backbone for the advanced research and discovery possible through high-performance computing (HPC). As an institute of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities, LRZ has provided a robust, holistic IT infrastructure for its users throughout the scientific community for nearly sixty years. It offers the complete range of resources, services, consulting and support. It has always been in our DNA to offer #MorethanHPC.

Tuesday 10 November 10am - 2pm Practical OpenHPC: Cluster Management, HPC Applications, Containers and Cloud David Brayford Tutorial
Wednesday 11 November 11:30am - 12:30pm Always Celebrate Your Achievement: A Strategic Approach to Advancing Yourself, Your Career, Your Colleagues and Your Organization Laura Schulz Talk
Thursday, 19 November 8:30am - 5pm EST Orchestration of a Forecasting Chain for Forest Fire Prevention using the LEXIS Cloud/HPC Platform Mohamad Hayek Poster
Thursday, 19 November 3pm - 4pm EST Gordon Bell Prize Award Committee Arndt Bode Award Session

More than HPC: Future Computing at LRZ

Integration HPC, QC, AI

As Bavaria pushes to the vanguard of innovation with its Hightech Agenda Bayern, LRZ extends its Future Computing efforts, leveraging the full breadth and depth of its robust IT infrastructure and expertise to ensure Bavaria’s stronghold position for the next wave of supercomputing with quantum and HPC-AI acceleration. We are leveraging decades of experience propelling innovation and competitiveness to evaluate emerging Exascale-class architectures and technologies, develop highly scalable machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, and to push forward system integration of quantum acceleration with supercomputing systems.

Enabling word-class science. This is what SuperMUC-NG was built for. Since officially being in the service of science, it ran nearly 750.000 jobs using 3 billion core hours. From astrophysics and engineering to environmental computing and personalized medicine. Get to know our power horse.

With BEAST–the Bavarian Energy Architecture Software Testbed– we are implementing the ambitious Bavarian State Government's tech offensive, establishing the Future Computing program at LRZ. Welcome to our new playground on the way to Exascale.

The Bavarian Quantum Computing eXchange – this is where quantum meets supercomputing. Our mission is to magnify efforts and bolster the success of the Bavarian quantum computing ecosystem. We bring together leading experts, organisations and companies from Bavaria and the world.

Fighting one of the most pressing challenges of humankind at the moment with AI technology: This is the aim of the AMD COVID-19 HPC support fund. At LRZ we want to put that donation to work in the field of personalized medicine.

More than HPC: R&D To Support World-Class Science





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